“Beety” and other undesirable descriptions of meals

It all started when Sarah flipped open a magazine to reveal… beet pasta.

Understandably, she had to buy that magazine then and there. And show it to Dani. Who was similarly transfixed by the unnatural color of such a familiar dish. Pasta! And Beets! It sounded so right. It looked so lovely. What could go wrong?

Our duo even invited Laura to join them in the creation of this marvel, the lucky lass. As she skillfully chopped mushrooms for salad (one hapless victim pictured above), Sarah and Dani took turns trying to master the use of the food-processor. The final result was as purple as hoped. It even looked pretty good mixed in with the noodles. Placed alongside the magazine photo, the resemblance was striking. The three cooks eagerly picked up their forks and dug in.

Only to put them down again a few moments later. ‘It tastes… beety’ was one remark. Several ideas were posited as to the strange bitter taste, but nothing else could be blamed. After all, there was not much else in it besides walnuts and a few tomatoes.

It so happens that beets do not taste so great.

The intrepid cooks had difficulty finishing their cheery dish. But luckily, the salad was not too bad, and mint ice cream for dessert chased away any unpleasant aftertastes. And the day was saved.


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