STP, yeah you know me

Reader(s), we’ve been out of the blogging game for nearly ten days now. You’ve probably been afraid that Dani and I have perished in an attempt to finish the remainder of that beet concoction. Fret not, we’re alive and well. In fact, while Dani cannot attest to this yet*, you are about to behold the finest results of recipe attempting to grace this blog. It’s not saying much, but please accept my paltry offering of poor photographs of the best sticky toffee pudding I have ever had.

I must also give thanks to Cathy who performed her duty as Quality Control with masterful finesse, whipped the butter and sugar into shape, and supplied and seared steak (again and not pictured). Here’s the recipe for one excellent sticky toffee pudd. I entreat, nay implore, you to make it.

* Dani, I will try my hardest to keep you a bit of this STP in my fridge. No promises.

EDIT: Cathy would like to clarify that “STP” stands for “SUCH TERRIFIC PUDDING,” or “so terribly perfect.”


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