Truly shit photos: lovely lemon bars

One of our beloved readers commented, in passing, that perhaps our photography was looking a little on the aesthetically pleasing side. So I took it upon myself to remedy the situation. Actually, the situation remedied itself, as I was making these lovely lemon bars. It was really late and they had to be done the next day – I was running on no sleep and paranoid hypochondriac (is that redundant? I think it might be redundant) fears about mysterious stomach pains. So the crust ended up being too small for my pan. No problem! I’ll just section off a bit, and make all the lemon topping stay on its side. Well, folks, this gooey lemon goodness was having none of my arbitrary boundaries, and slid to the seductive call of gravity.

And thus, the random yellow pancake-y bit you see above. Quite tasty, actually, but tastiness that will be missing from the publicly presented dessert. I dusted on some icing sugar to try and whitewash my failings. With luck, everyone will be too drunk to notice.


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