Expert blogging, OK cooking

I accidentally made something OK today and I took a photo of it. Talk about expert blogging!

The above is orzo topped with black beans and chopped tomatoes. To the bb and tomato mixture I added a ton of sumac, a little za’taar, piment d’esplette*, and some cumin for good measure. I also added these ingredients because I don’t know what spices go with what but these seemed like they might not be too offensive together. I would say that with a little something more… perhaps a cheese of some sort or some vegetables this dish could be a lot more photogenic and palatable. As it is, I’m not dreading having to eat the leftovers so I’d say it’s a success.

*I acquired this at the Portland Farmers Market last summer and have been using it in most savory things I make and I really like it. I’d say the best use of it I’ve made so far was a liberal sprinkling on top of salmon before baking.


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