Cake, discount cheese, and other acceptable snacks

Okay… so it’s been a while. It was my responsibility to post some pictures, and I’m a little late. I crashed Sarah’s house one evening after some studying, and we had some excellent leftovers from the previous post as well as some fantastic discount (aka expired) cheese and rice crackers.

I also have been on a cake-making kick, but although I diligently took some pictures of an upside-down cake that was sort of on the nicer side, I can’t figure out how to pull them off of my phone. However, this last time I resorted back to my mac book, as you can see from the fine camera angles, and thank heavens for that.T he cake in the (fantastic) pictures here is a Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake and it was pretty great. Great as in, I kept finding myself making excuses to go back in the kitchen and sneak forkfuls.


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