Truly shit photos: biking with cupcakes

This post features the rather uneventful creation of Chocolate Banana Cupcakes, but the extra challenge of needing to deliver these little beauties to someone’s birthday party, with no car and no bus pass.

So, Biking with Cupcakes. In actual fact, this turned out to be far less messy than the icing-splattered wrecks my imagination came up with. Luckily I have some sturdy panniers that fit a good-sized tupperware at the bottom, and even more luckily, no one decided to rear-end or cardoor me on my travels west to east. My panniers also did not fall off, which has happened before, nor did the endless Vancouver deluge leak in and spoil the icing. Nonetheless, by the time I arrived, the icing did get somewhat smeared all over the container, rendering them into somewhat unappetizing looking lumps. But they still tasted fantastic.

And the best part? I still have a bowl of leftover icing in my fridge that I have been eating by the spoonful.


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