What roommates leave behind, part 1

A while back all of my roommates moved out and I had a glorious period of having my whole apartment to myself. Besides a printer, ski pants, a rooster motif apron, goggles, and a well-culled collection of cookie cutters and heart shaped baking pans, my roommates left me with an inordinate amount of food. Part one of this tale involves the perogies featured in the picture below.

Four and a half bags of perogies were left in the freezer. I hope I don’t offend any of you by relaying my feelings about perogies, or these particular ones at least: they’re a bit bland. Who am I to complain? Free food! And I’m always whipping up blandsville foods anyway (when not horribly over seasoning something). Case in point: butternut squash amaranth porridge (i.e., the grainy, orange goop above). Good god, it sounds awful already! For whatever reason I thought it would be so good, but no, no it was not. So, how did I come to pair bland and bland and come up with something I ate with some pleasure?  Two words: condiment shelf.

I made this dish a number of times with several variations because when I decide to try something new and potentially disgusting I usually like to make at least eight servings of it. If you try making a variation of this recipe (why?) and would like to spice it up a bit, here are my recommendations:

  • a little dijon
  • a spoon full of plain yogurt
  • a drizz of honey or maple syrup
  • a dash of hot sauce

Well, there you go. With a handful of frozen perogies, snoozefest butternut squash sludge, and an assortment of condiments I whipped up something that wasn’t half bad!


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