The “when we say lemon we mean it” lemon loaf & lemon quinoa

So we have this thing about lemons. It requires us to triple or quadruple what the average recipe calls for, because there is no such thing as too much lemon zest. The citrus is god. So much so that we are thinking a lemon tree might be a good investment. Or moving to California.

To satisfy this lemon craving, we set about looking for a pound cake recipe. One that calls for 6-8 lemons was possibly just about right. At first, initial tastings of the batter were not satisfactory, but after cleaning out the bowl I determined that perhaps my tongue was feeling a little sore, and that we may have reached our goal. After dousing it in a lemon glaze just to be sure, it was moist with a delicious zing.

As for dinner (always a secondary consideration), we turned to a blog called love and lemons. We questioned their right to such a title when the recipe only called for the ‘juice and zest of one lemon,’ but these things can be changed. Topped with some garden radishes and chives, and some feta and walnuts, it was also fantastic.


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