Making crackers, making me unhappy

Dani and I are pretty genius at improvising – using a glass when no rolling pin is available, trying a tea strainer to achieve a kiwi puree – but sometimes not having many quality kitchen utensils really inhibits my ability to create with ease what I imagine to be basic food. Case in point: “happy” crackers.

blessedly almost done

I used a regular blender to attempt to create the dough for these crackers. After over an hour of pulsing, stirring, removing some of the rice/quinoa/flax gloop and trying to blend in batches,I began to rethink my initial thought of “won’t being able to make my own crackers be fun?!” No one eats enough cheese and crackers to attempt making this recipe without a real food processor.

In the end I got the dough to look and taste pretty good. These pictures are from round two – and no, no, no, noooooo, I did not try making this recipe twice. I just didn’t have the patience to make all of the crackers after all that blending nightmare so I refrigerated half of the dough and rolled out the next batch later in the week.

Someday, I’ll have Irish moss gel, that Dali cookbook, and a fine food processor to call my own. Until then I’ll be more than happy buying my crackers from the store.


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