Of many-layered things

While Dani and I may often be found in a kitchen, we occasionally venture out of doors and sometimes even out of the city. A while back we tackled Brothers Creek Loop and got inspired while amongst the amazing trees to attempt a recipe which reflected our mutual appreciation for all things arboreal. The photos below display our valiant efforts to create this Baumtorte recipe. The cake got a little dry, mostly due to lazy wrapping on my part and a poor cake tin. Apart from that, I believe you’ll agree that the final product looks moderately impressive.

Got any questions about the process?

4 responses to “Of many-layered things

  1. Amazing! Just like the rings of a tree in the ancient forest. Seems like a lot of hard work – was it worth it? Looks great – did it taste great too?

    • It was certainly worth it! Definitely more work than your average cake, but if you’re looking to make a cake to impress then this is the one to make. It did taste great. I’d recommend not skimping on the jam or chocolate glaze so the cake stays moist. Dani suggested trying another kind of jam for more flavor variation. I think that’d be great too. Thanks for commenting!

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