Shitty video: upside-down cake revisited

Sometimes even great photos don’t quite do a baking attempt justice. The sounds of the kitchen of an…improvisational baker really are something. In this case, while my kitchen is equipped  with an excellent toaster, I have nary a stand or hand mixer to my name. Usually that means employing a little more elbow grease, but this time it meant seeing how the blender worked in place of a KitchenAid. And you know what? For the purposes of making a vanilla cake batter to dump on pineapple slices, the blender method worked just fine. (Using arm muscles and a spoon may have produced equally OK results.)

So I present, without further adieu, our first foray into shitty video making.

*Special thanks to my roommate Megan for her participation in this ridiculous task and to Megan’s mom for the recipe.


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