Yes More Salad But Other Things Too

The bread battle continues into its third and final day, and I just noticed I have crusted bread dough on my sheets. Pathetic? Awesome? Or a sign I should restrict my baking to normal people hours?

But I did diversify and make more salad! Although that makes two salad posts this week, it’s a gross misrepresentation of how often I fraternize with green things. What you don’t see is the three hours I spent today agonizing over what brownie or cookie to make, only to stand in the store and realize I should eat what I’ve already made before spending ten dollars on chocolate.

But I did find a pretty butterfly on the way back from the store. Hello friend.

Because I had some pre-cooked beets, this salad took more time to photograph than to make. The quality of the photos should tell you something about just how little effort I invested in both. Tossed on some cucumber and peppers, made a dressing of mustard and oil and poppy seeds, and there you go.


3 responses to “Yes More Salad But Other Things Too

  1. This sounds and looks so good! Even in fierce competition mode I must admit how excellent is this meal you made. My bread is swaddled in three sweaters – stealing your techniques is allowed, thank you – so I have no doubt it will soon be rising beautifully as well.

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