Bread Battle – Pain de Campagne

One recipe, two bakers, three days… but only one victor.

We took separate pictures, and I’ve found that rather than organizing them according to any sort of a system, it’s quite plain which pictures are whose, because mine are shit and Sarah’s are not. 



Combining the ingredients for the starter. After the starter sat for 24 hours, had more flour and water added, sat for another 24 hours, it was finally was ready to become dough.



It has risen! Day 3. (Coincidence?)



Everything all ship-shaped.



Sarah claims hers looks like a tumor. I think my ‘decorative grapes’ (apparently this a time-honored tradition) look like warts. Between the two of us, a nice variation of disfigurement.

Earlier today, before the tasting showdown, I got a text from Sarah saying her bread tasted like Safeway bread, “and not even their artisan loaves.” In the end I don’t think either of us reached the high bar of artisan, but they did taste pretty good. But it was decided that mine tasted less like grocery store bread. How exactly this a difference could take place mystifies me a little… what exactly goes on in those first two days with the starter and sponge that could influence different tastes? Because as far as I can tell from these pictures, we did the exact same thing. Any bread experts out there that could enlighten us?


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