The ancients burned pots too, OK?

Did you know we tweet? We do. Most recently I tweeted a link to the New Scientist’s post about ancient – 19,000+ years old – cookware.  I particularly admired the description of the pots they found: “[t]heir outer surfaces carry scorch marks and
small amounts of soot, [leading researchers to believe] they were used for cooking.” Ah, the scorched pot: besmirching the reputation of amateur cooks since the beginning of time (or at least since the Last Glacial Maximum).

My most recent run-in with a burned pan occurred while I was attempting to make one of those 9 bean medleys. I forgot about it for a few hours while it was simmering on medium and returned to find 1/3 of the mixture charred and fixed to the bottom of the pan. I was able to rescue the rest of the beans by putting them in another pot with lots of liquid and leaving them for another hour…or two. The beans didn’t turn out half bad and both pots remain functional.

I added some spinach and lemon juice just before eating, but while cooking I added za’atar, cumin, and piment d’esplette.


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