Yes, another beet cake – with chocolate, apricots, & raspberries

*Maybe this isn’t actually that healthy, but it’s healthy for a cake. Plus, it has beets in it.

Reader, I know you’re frustrated. What kind of blog is this? Two beet posts in as many weeks? Is SPOOF sponsored by the Better Beet Bureau? The Beet Council of of BC? Alas, no. Perhaps our beet budget is a bit higher than your average mediocre cook, but this week we reaped the benefits. Man alive, you’ve got to try this recipe. By g-d it’s good.

Perhaps it’s not the beets that make it so delicious. Perhaps it’s the 1.5 cups of chocolate and butter. Who can really say? But if a propensity to snap up beets in grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and unattended gardens* means we had a need to try this recipe out, well good grief, I’d say that’s reason enough for us to keep up the beet posts and for you to stick around this here blog.

Beets at the bus stop

Essential accompaniment

Whatta swirl

For real. Looking for a dessert that is, and I quote, “restaurant quality”? Look no further.

*jk! These beets came from the UBC Farm campus market and were superb and, dare I say, unbeatable.


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