Not a bad bird

That smiling chicken below is my pal Etienne.

Etienne: part chicken, part excellent cook.

Summer be damned, Etienne and I made a fall favorite: roast chicken. I don’t have the exact recipe – it was one of Laura Calder’s – but it’s something like:

  • Slather chicken with butter, thyme, and garlic
  • Put chicken in oven at 450° for an hour, rotating every 20 minutes
  • Remove chicken from oven when legs wiggle easily
  • Let rest for a few minutes
  • Carve that sucker up and eat with beautifully julienned and sautéed carrots, leeks, and zucchini (evidence below)

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I can’t say this was the most amazing chicken. Etienne herself admitted she had had better only the weekend before. Neither of us had tried making it ourselves before, though, so I’d say it was a valiant effort. I only burned two fingers, the chicken was moist, and Etienne only almost choked on the leeks. SPOOF success!


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