Last-minute lunch

I started full time work again last week, and after two months of doing virtually nothing, I’m finding it hard to adjust to the schedule that the rest of the world thinks of as the status quo. I also work weird hours on a campus not known for good meal options, so I haphazardly cook lunch in the morning and pack it in.

Yesterday I decided to be really daring and make a cheese sauce from the back of my safeway cornstarch box (you can interpret that as sarcasm or not). It goes like this:

2 tablespoons marg/butter

2 tablespoons cornstarch (obviously, only safeway brand will do)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup milk of some sort (they say ‘whole or low-fat’ – why not just say, ‘whatever the hell kind of milk you feel like’)

1 cup cheese

1/4 cup sour cream (this is where I used plain yogurt)

But I did not stop there! I even swapped out the cheddar cheese with asiago and liberally scattered some hot chili flakes instead of pepper. And that seemed to be a good choice, because it looked less like anonymous white goo, and more like food.

I chose to add it to a hastily stir-fried clump of chard, zucchini and onions that were not worth photographing. This tasted alright, but I learned that I really don’t care for chard. It looks a lot like kale but is not nearly as delicious.

I also made these muffins to accompany to both work and on hikes. They are so packed full of stuff that I thought they wouldn’t turn out, but my roommates stole some while I was gone and gave them rave reviews. Normally I stick to one or two feature additions to muffins, but this one has dates, pecans, coconut, carrots AND apples. Leave your gross trail mix at home, I say.


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