Battle lemon cake

Saveur’s Lemon Layer Cake vs. Honey and Jam’s Lemon Cake with Black Tea Frosting. Both chefs were hard at work for several hours, juggling work and cake making and then meeting up to do some finishing touches and frosting.

The Lemon Layer Cake – represented by Dani – was a no-nonsense full-throttle 9-lemon cake. A smack upside the taste buds, an are-you-sure-you-like-lemon-like-do-you-really-like-lemon sort of confection. Some issues were had in the creation of the curd, which burned horribly on my shitty pan, creating a gross mess. But luckily the addition of copious amounts of butter to make frosting made it almost invisible.

The judges agreed on these points:

-the icing was really sour (some thought in a good way, some not)

-the cake itself wasn’t very fluffy, but the edges were crunchy

The Lemon Cake with Black Tea Frosting – represented by Sarah – was increadibly fluffy and soft. The icing was also cloud-like and reminiscent of marshmallows, but made the two layers of the cake slide around like it was inhabited by a trouble-making ghost. Although there was some lemon curd added between layers, it was a much more sublte lemon taste.

The judges could agree on these points:

-the icing was really good

-the cake itself was better than its rival

-the cake maybe shouldn’t be called a lemon cake

The judges happily ate their cakes but then refused to make a final judgement call, so Sarah decided to relenquish victory for the reason that it was the Lemon Cake Battle and not the Cake Battle. But in the end we decided that perhaps the best cake would have been a combination of the two: the sweetness of the black tea icing balancing out the sour lemon icing, and the softer cake as the base.


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