Christmas in July pasta

Lest you think we only make desserts, behold: pasta with fava beans, tomatoes, and chicken and turkey sausage. You really can’t go wrong with a Smitten Kitchen recipe and, indeed, this one is golden.

We like and shudder to think Martha Stewart would be proud of this mise en place.

I’m not sure if you can see, but it must be noted that this recipe required cheese outside of the discount bin variety we typically favor. At practically a dollar per serving, this cheese was an extravagance but the salty, sharpness of it really was a perfect addition to an already delicious dish.

To continue with the Christmas in July theme the tomato and fava beans produce, Dani made some cherry, golden kiwi, red currant, and plum Sangria in a milk bottle I’ve been keeping on hand for just such an occasion.*

*I may also have been holding onto it because I have an affinity (some say, “hoarding tendency”) for labels with animals on them, Christmas-themed or not.


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