Butter not Margarine – Last Minute Cupcakes

So cupcakes were ‘the new black’ (what’s the food equivalent of this horrible saying?) for the past few years, but the hype seems to have faded somewhat. And although I noticed the rise and fall of the cupcake, I never bothered to see what the fuss was about.

Until I made banana cupcakes for a birthday and discovered that there was something about cake in minature that I enjoyed. All the deliciousness of a slice of cake, but with two times as much icing as normally allotted.

My latest foray into cupcakes was these little guys, peaches n’ cream cupcakes.

I made them with fresh nectarines, without the milk crumb topping (see: Last Minute) and with a bit of Amaretto in the icing. Another important decision was using butter rather than cheaping out and using margarine, as per ususal. Turns out, I can definitely believe it is butter. The crunch of the golden crust. The soft crumb of the cake. The way it fills out with flavor in every bite…

So I am late for the party. The cupcake party, the butter party, even the literal party that was the whole reason I made cupcakes. I’ll try my best to make up for lost time.


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