Christmas in July Risotto

It wasn’t intentional, but somehow we ended up with another red and green dinner.

The recipe we began with was Lemon Vegetable Risotto, which sounded promising, but yielded rather lack-luster results. A large part of the disappointment may be blamed on our consistent inability to read the finer points of directions (i.e., not leaving the zucchini in the pot for 30 minutes, where it fades sadly away into green goo), but whatever the reason, we were inspired to make it more ‘interesting.’

Dangerous territory.

Somehow a rummage in the fridge for a suitable garnish yielded strawberries as the candidate. Despite some misgivings, we decided you can’t go wrong by frying something in butter, so that’s what we did. And added sugar. And to negate the confection direction we were taking, tossed in some balsamic and surprisingly, it was really good. Maybe not the best addition to a lemon risotto, but strawberries and balsamic and butter need to be combined more in the future. In what exactly, we are not sure, but no doubt there are plenty of options.


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