Plums and figs go well together (and Sarah makes OK pies)

Dani’s the one who’s known for pie making around here. In fact, Dani Makes Excellent Pies (caution: click that link knowing you didn’t come to this blog for the lovely photos). I’ve had some success with pumpkin pies in the past, but I’ve only made one attempt at a fruit pie – a peach one which I distinctly remember sliding into the compost after one bite told me I’d done something horribly wrong. Years have past since that incident, so this weekend, for whatever reason, I decided to try my hand at another pie: a plum and fig one.

Now, I’ll admit right away that I didn’t make the crust. I know it’s a lot better to make it yourself, but it was a busy weekend and I wasn’t trying to win any battles so a store bought crust was just fine. I should also admit that I didn’t strictly use a recipe here (read: there was no recipe involved), and so I forgot that I needed to add a thickening agent which explains why my pie was rather soupy. Anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t for you to come away with a new pie recipe, but more for the suggestion of a fruit combination you might like to use in your own baking.

Plums and figs are great together. My mom helped me pick out a few different kinds of plums to use for the pie, to give it more color and variety (no doubt inspired by Dani’s beaut), and I decided to add the figs we got from the market the day before to balance out the purples and yellows of the plums.

Before baking

You can see what I mean about the soupiness in the picture below, but that didn’t affect the taste. Now I’m thinking I might try figs and plums together in things I’m actually moderately good at making. A cake or sweet bread perhaps? Or maybe just as a topping on pancakes or french toast? You’ll be the first to hear of any successes, and disasters, too, of course.

Plum and fig soup with pie crust and vanilla ice cream


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