Tomato and uh-OJ soup

Some kitchen occurrences, like the scene you see below, can really put you off a meal.

This orange splatter made its way to my stovetop after I decided to try using – for the first time – an immersion left behind by one of my former roommates. But let’s step back a half-hour or so.

Before I sunk the blender into my nearly finished tomato, thyme, and orange juice soup, I sautéed a small onion in a lot of butter for about 7 minutes. I then added as much fresh thyme as I could stand to de-stem. I stirred the thyme into the butter and left it while I opened a large can of diced tomatoes. To the butter, onion, and thyme I added the tomatoes, a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, and quarter teaspoon baking soda. I heated the mixture until it came to a boil and let it boil for 15 minutes. Next I turned the heat off and a little too eagerly plunged the immersion blender into the soup.

So, we’re back to where we started. The counter is covered in a hot orange mess, and so are my socks and shirt. Here is where I think you’ll be impressed (or dismayed): I continued! I blended the heck out of that soup (quickly realizing I should let the blender stay close to the bottom of the pan) and then let it sit for a while as I cleaned myself and my kitchen. I returned to the soup with a fresh shirt, no socks (not worth the risk), and a rosier outlook. I added nearly a cup of orange juice, stirred, and, remarkably, quite enjoyed the results.

The soup, a little more contained.

A clearer version of this recipe may be found here. (I used fresh thyme and I omitted the cream more out of laziness than propriety.)


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