Whole-wheat Walnut Raisin Baguettes

It so happens (perhaps related to why I haven’t been posting) that I’m getting paid to bake now.
Obviously, there’s lots to learn. There’s lots about production baking that I never give much thought in my haphazard adventures in the kitchen.
1) You have to work efficiently, because you are making 150 of those, not 10. Working efficiently means a) not pacing around the kitchen looking for the tablespoon that’s in your hand b) doing it right the first time, every time c) and when b) doesn’t happen, learning from your mistakes, not repeating them – this means actually figuring out what’s wrong and not just shaking the unrisen dough yelling ‘why, why?!?’

2) It has to look nice, because people are buying it. And it has to taste excellent, because you don’t want it to be forgettable.

As you can guess from our blog title, sometimes we are content with mediocrity (or even less). And that’s a good thing, I think. I like that we can just have fun with the process without letting the result be everything. But while I don’t want to lose that attitude, I also want my baking to improve. I want to make the cake that has people swooning – like lovesick Elizabethans, damn it.

It may take some time before I have to cart unconsious people out of my dinner parties (see how I falsely implied that I have dinner parties?), but that is my goal.

All that to preface: I made some bread the other day that had me thinking, wow, I really like this! On the downside, it looked pretty awful. I think I let it rise too much, and what I intended to be three neat little baguettes poofed out sideways and produced a rather flat loaf.

I did so much typing already for this I just… don’t… want to copy out the recipe. I’m sorry. But here’s a link. This is one of the first bread recipes that gave me an edible product, and it is still one of my go-to recipes. I think we can get away with counting it as healthy.

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